Quick Spikes Turns Ordinary Shoes into Instant Golf Shoes

The casual golfer probably won’t care that much, but if you know someone good enough to actually keep track of their handicap instead of giving the “it’s around 20 or 25” line (actually closer to 40 or 50, but who’s counting?), you might consider gifting them the Quick Spikes this holiday season.

Quick Spikes is a rubber apparatus that features seven golf spikes on the bottom, and can be slipped onto any pair of sneakers to make an impromptu pair of golf shoes. It beats having to buy a separate pair of golf shoes, especially considering your golfer’s sneakers are almost certainly more comfortable than any pair of golf shoes out there. If you know a golfer who travels frequently, all the better – the Quick Spikes can be rolled up for transport, and only weigh eight ounces.

Quick Spikes are selling for about $25 on QuickSpikesGolf.com. And hey, why not get one for the casual golfer in the family, too? It’s not the heavy-duty investment of an actual pair of golf shoes, and if it helps lower that handicap from “20 or 25,” I’m sure they’ll be grateful.

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  1. These are great, my girlfriend got them for me for Christmas and they are perfect for when I golf during trips.

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