Windows Phone App of the Week: RapDialer Is the Phone Dialer You Never Knew You Wanted

When it comes to replacing native functionality with a third-party app, the dialer isn’t usually what comes to mind. It came to the mind of those behind RapDialer, though – a new app with a handy take on the Windows Phone dialer.

When the RapDialer keypad is used, two things happen. You’ll see the phone number entered at the top of the screen, but you’ll also see names of contacts listed – you can use the alphanumeric keys to type out contact names, which RapDialer will predict. Once you have that list of contact names, you can swipe across the screen to choose to send a message instead of calling. If you want to send a group message, you can simply tap on all the contacts you want to receive the message. The app also features speed dial and prefix dial.

RapDialer is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace for free, but the free version does contain small ads. There’s also RapDialer Paid, for $2.99, that does away with the ads. Both apps have the same amount of functionality.

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