Samsung Smart TV ES9000 is the Biggest Gift of the Holiday Season

Every year, you want to get that one special knock-out, jaw-dropping gift for that special someone. Granted, that special someone might be yourself. That’s neither here nor there. The point is, you want something larger than life, and something that will make a serious impression.

The Samsung Smart TV ES9000 will do that, because it is larger than life. Literally. With a 75” inch display, this television is bigger than most people. Consider that for a second.

Then, consider that this mammoth television has an absolute embarrassment of riches. There’s the 75” LED-backlit LCD screen, of course, but that’s just the beginning. This is a fully-fledged smart TV, which means full access to a web browser and a host of apps designed to bring movies, television, and games to your television when you want it. The days of waiting through the TV Guide channel are finally over.

Samsung has also thrown in a bunch of different control options, so you can find one that works best for you. That could be the jazz hands gesture-based control, which can be used to navigate menus, adjust settings, and make selections by moving your hand in front of the screen and opening and closing your hand. There’s also voice control, which has now been extended past just menus and options. You’ll be able to go on the web browser and perform searches using only your voice, by speaking into the microphone built into the remote control.

If you don’t like that touch remote control (not that you shouldn’t like it, because it’s thinner and easier to use than the previous iterations of Samsung Smart TV remote controls), you can just use your smartphone or tablet using an app.

You also get the cool factor of face recognition technol0gy. Besides getting to boast about something that sounds like it should be from a science fiction movie, you’ll get instant access to your personal profile on Samsung Smart Hubs, which includes all of your various accounts, including Netflix, Hulu, and Skype. Best of all, it means no one else will be getting onto your account without your knowing about it, unless they knock you out and drag you to the television, or maybe if you have a twin sibling.

But, the extra control options are mostly just window dressing. The good stuff is the apps, which fit well into the neatly organized Samsung Smart Hubs, which give you quick access to music, movies, television, and games available on the Web. And, lest we forget, you can just use it as a good old-fashioned television – great for any sports fan. And, the stretch from fall to spring is a golden time for sports – the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, and bowl season will all be coming in crystal clear, at a size that will make you feel like you’re part of the action.

The cherry on top is 3D technology, with four sets of glasses included with the television. It’s there if you want it, and you can ignore it if you don’t. And that sums up the Samsung Smart TV ES9000 – it gives you options. Don’t like a feature? There are plenty more you probably will like. It has something to satisfy everyone – with Samsung’s established prowess in the Smart TV domain, it might just be the ultimate television available today. The ES900 comes in at the towering price of $8997. So whoever’s getting this big guy during the holidays better have been very, very good this year.

This post is sponsored by Samsung. All opinions our 100% our own.


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