Scooter Pizza Cutter Is Ready To Leave Tracks in the Cheese

Thanks to Fred Flare and the people behind this pizza cutter, you can finally cut your pizza with something that looks like the vehicle that might have just delivered your pizza.

The Scooter Pizza Cutter is a cheap way to spice up the previously completely mundane world of pizza cutters. Despite its playfulness, though, there’s a seriously useful aspect to this little red scooter. You get two blades cutting your pizza, one after the other, finally solving the problem of that first cut not quite going deep enough. No more having to furiously run the cutter across the pizza trying to get separation between the slices, we hope.

The scooter also has a kickstand, so it can look totally rad standing up on your kitchen counter once you’re done using it.

The Scooter Pizza Cutter is available now on Fred Flare for $10.

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