Tristan Eaton Adds to Skullcandy’s ARTSPROJEKT Collection

ARTSPROJEKT, an artist’s guild of sorts dedicated to helping established and emerging artists find commercial opportunities, recently welcomed designer Tristan Eaton into the fold. Eaton, originally a street artist from Los Angeles, promptly got together with Skullcandy to produce a couple new designer headphones.

Part of the ARTSPROJEKT x Skullcandy collection, the two new headphones, the Grim Weaper Hesh 2 and the Sacred Samari Cassette, are designer takes on established Skullcandy headphones. The Hesh 2 aims for a powerful, balanced sound with conical, well-cushioned ear cups, while the Cassette is intended as an all-purpose set – the speakers are removable from the headband, and the cushions can be removed in case you want to wear the headphones over a hat. Both feature microphones for use with smartphones.

The Grim Weaper Hesh 2 – looks like maybe Death had a bad Valentine’s Day this year – is selling for about $70, while the black and yellow Sacred Samari Cassette is selling for about $50.

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