iPad App of the Week: Access Your eBooks from the Sony Reader Store with Reader for iOS

OK, this might not be appealing to a huge number of people out there, but should you be someone who happens to own both a Sony eReader and an iPad and someone who chooses to buy eBooks from the Sony Reader Store, there’s an app for you, and it’s free.

Reader for iOS simply lets you access your Sony Reader Store account from your iPad. The app has its own reading interface, which includes bookmarks, variable text sizes, and day and night reading modes. You can view your Sony Reader collection by list or by book cover. Other than that, you can get to reading, on your iPad instead of your Sony Reader.

I’m not totally sure what the target niche is for this one, but if you think Reader for iOS can carve out a little space in your life, go for it – it’s free now on the iTunes App Store, and available for all iOS devices.


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  1. You’re not sure what target niche this is? Come on, you just said it. It’s for people have Sony ereaders, and IPads. That’s the niche!!! If you have a Sony ereader and an Ipad, this is great, and about time. People who have had Kindles or Nooks have had their Ipad app for years. Now Sony readers can enjoy reading their books not just on their dedicated ereader, but also on their Ipad.

  2. my sony reader model prs-t1 has locked up can’t turn off or on. won’t move at all. Any suggestions? tried reset

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