Susan Kare STRATA Smartwatch Celebrates the Old with the New

If you haven’t heard of Susan Kare, you’ve at least probably seen here work – she’s an iconic artist in the tech world.

Kare, responsible for many of the icons and themes for the original Macintosh OS and Windows 3.0, including the cards in the Solitaire deck. She’s credited as a pixel art pioneer, and now, she’s responsible for a collaboration with MetaWatch that has resulted in the STRATA Smartwatch.

The wristwatch is made to be a companion to your smartphone, not a standalone device. It connects to iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth, and will notify you when you have received a call, text, email, Facebook notification, or Twitter message. You can also display widgets for things like time, date, and weather. The icons on the watch’s widgets were designed by Kare, as was the spray paint can logo on the strap.

The limited edition STRATA Smartwatch is available in black and white, and is selling for about $300 from Kare’s own website, kareprints.com.


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