The Joy Factory Royce Case for iPhone 5 Review

We can’t get enough of snazzy looking iPhone cases with simple, but unique, designs. That’s what Joy Factory’s new Royce case for iPhone 5 offers. Plus it packs a few nice surprises.

The design of the Royce is just the way we like: a simple one piece snap-on hardshell that can survive the test of time. Its durable and attractive with large cutouts for all the essential ports and buttons. iPhone gets to lay luxuriously on a bed of soft microfiber inside the Royce– a unique touch we have yet to see.

Royce has a fresh appearance that will leave people wondering what on earth the case’s finish is. It has the granularity of leather but with a metallic shimmer and a textured grippy feel.

The Royce just barely exceeds iPhone’s face. We’d prefer it surpass the screen a bit more, but there’s an included screen protector that makes up for it. Surely with a protective case and a screen protector, you’ll have all around protection? Well, apparently the Joy Factory didn’t think so, so they included a BubbleShield Water-resistant sleeve. The sleeve is clear and allows you to use your iPhone in the worst environments. There’s a built in loop so you could tether your iPhone and BubbleShield to a belt or backpack.

That’s the Joy Factory Royce Case for iPhone 5 in a nutshell. It’s solid but light, shimmery but durable. The included screen protector and water-resistant shield is a very nice touch. It’s available in navy, black, pink, bronze, or silver/white (pictured). It can be purchased for $30.57 on Amazon.com

Good: Durable, Light, Nice Design, Access to Ports/Buttons, Microfiber Interior, Includes Waterproof Case and Screen Protector, Grippy
Bad: Case could exceed iPhone’s face a bit more

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