Unlocked iPhone 5’s Finally for Sale in the U.S. YAWN!

Apple finally got around to selling the unlocked version of the iPhone 5. That’s great, for people who travel a lot and need to swap SIM cards on the fly (the ease of doing that, thanks to Nano-SIM cards, notwithstanding). You know, except for the fact that buying an unlocked iPhone 5 will cost you an arm and maybe two legs.

Fortunately, this isn’t 2009. Today, unlocking an iPhone 5 isn’t that tough, to where absolutely nobody should ever pay Apple the sums of money you see above for an unlocked iPhone 5. There’s no good reason, when you can grab a subsidized one, then have it unlocked for anywhere from $50 to a few bucks, if you’re willing to brave the cheaper services offered on eBay.

The unlocked iPhone 5 from Apple will work only on GSM networks – you won’t be able to use it with CDMA carriers like Verizon and Sprint.

Via Apple Insider

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