4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Camera Comes to Verizon on December 13th

When the Samsung Galaxy Camera arrived at AT&T stores last month, it did so on the telecom’s 4G HSPA+ network. Verizon did one better.

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Camera will be compatible with Verizon’s faster 4G LTE network. The significance there is that, as always, Verizon and AT&T devices can’t play nice with each other’s networks, because of the GSM/CDMA divide. If you want LTE speeds on your Galaxy Camera, you’re going to have to go with Verizon.

In case you need a refresher (or saw that the camera was headed to AT&T and immediately lost interest), the Samsung Galaxy Camera is a 16 MP camera with 21x optical zoom in the front, and an end-to-end 4.8” touchscreen display on the back. It’s an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean device, capable of everything an Android smartphone is capable of, aside from making calls. If you absolutely can’t wait a second between taking your photos and uploading them to the Internet, and you want a camera that’s better than the average smartphone’s, give it a look.

The 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Camera will be in Verizon stores as of tomorrow, and will be available in black and white. Pricing is brutal, though – $550, plus an extra $5 per month tacked onto a Verizon Share Everything plan for the data use.

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