Android App of the Week: Yahoo! Mail Gets a Much Needed Upgrade

If you use Yahoo! Mail and an Android device, good news – your mobile email experience is about to get a big improvement.

Yahoo! Mail for Android has gotten a few big improvements. Granted, those improvements mostly serve to put it on par with other email apps, but if you’re a Yahoo! Mail user, it doesn’t really matter much to you what other apps have. What matters is that your Yahoo! Mail app now has continuous scrolling and notifications for new messages. Auto-complete for email addresses and the ability to select multiple messages are also long-overdue, but finally present.

What might be more handy is that you can access multiple Yahoo! Mail accounts in one unified inbox, and can search for messages across all folders. You can also take a photo and attach to a message, all without leaving the app.

The updated Yahoo! Mail for Android app is available now for free on Google Play.


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  1. You never used Yahoo mail on Android, did you. Every single one of the things you mentioned were available in the previous version.

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