BenQ Interactive Flat Panel T420 Aims to Replace the Classroom Chalkboard

BenQ is pushing its new 42” flat panel monitor for its potential applications in the classroom, but if you’re just craving a huge screen that will give you a solid touch experience with your PC, you might as well key in, too.

The BenQ T420 hooks up to most PCs using a USB cable, and can be wall-mounted using most VESA wall mounts. After making that USB connection and setting it up, you’ll be able to use your PC as a giant, 42” touch screen device. The 1920 x 1080 resolution flat panel also features multi-touch – sort of. Optical dual touch lets you use the monitor as a split-screen device in Windows 7.

The picture quality figures to be pretty good, and using a USB connection will be convenient, if nothing else. It comes with a reasonable price tag too- $2,155, as it’s selling on Newegg. We have also been told that the BenQ T420 will work with Windows 8 just fine, leaving it the potential to be an awesomely giant Windows 8 display with touch support.

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