BenQ’s 24-inch RL2455HM Monitor is Designed for Halo 4

There are people who like video games, and then there are people who feel the need to purchase the BenQ RL2455HM.

This new 24” 16:9 HD BenQ monitor is designed just for the world of video games, but this one isn’t for your average gaming session. The professional gaming circuit has been slowly but surely growing, with ever-increasing wads of prize money at stake for those who can master their game of choice, be it Street Fighter, Halo, or just about any other at least semi-popular game out there. This monitor belongs to that sphere.

This BenQ monitor is the official monitor of Major League Gaming (MLG). What does it mean to be the official monitor of Major League Gaming? Really, really fast response time. The monitor has an unnaturally fast 1 ms GTG response time. GTG is short for gray-to-gray, and refers to the amount of time it takes for a pixel to shift to another color. The faster that change happen, the fewer ghost effects there are on-screen, although at speeds this fast, you really will need to be a seasoned gamer to notice the difference.

There’s also a 60 Hz refresh rate, and dual HDMI ports. There’s also a 12 million to one contrast ratio, which is so outrageously large, it’s virtually meaningless. Black eQualizer technology allows gamers to light up darker areas of the screen without going too heavy on white levels, while Smart Scaling can scale the screen size down, for example to a 17”, 4:3 format.

Suffice it to say, if you’re not in the world of Major League Gaming, you can probably ignore this monitor. If you do cash in on your gaming skills, this looks to be the definitive gaming monitor for you, at least until something else replaces it, which tends to happen awfully fast these days. No word on pricing yet, but we’ll probably know more when BenQ shows it off next month at CES.

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