Uncommon Black Bezel Deflector iPhone 5 Case Review

Uncommon’s Black Bezel Deflector iPhone 5 Case is a made of a one-piece plastic that snaps easily on to the iPhone 5. While it’s not the slimmest case out there, the case offers a pretty slim fit. Yet despite its slim fit, the case is made out of a strong plastic material that we’re confident will do a good job of protecting your iPhone 5.

The case comes with a shiny black bezel to help frame the screen, or match a black iPhone if you have one. The bezel also extends out just enough to protect the iPhone’s display, should you drop it face down.  The case also offers easy and direct access to the iPhone’s camera, buttons and ports. To that effect, you should be able to easily dock the iPhone 5 in this case, at least once more Lightning docks come out for it. Our own gripe with the case’s design is that it’s very difficult to remove, so much so that we almost chipped a nail doing so.

The Black Bezel Deflector iPhone 5 Case is available in a selection of ready-made cases and designs. Alternatively you can customize your own with your own photo or art. We reviewed the Italy Girl by Izak Zenou. There are a total of 5 colorful and fashionista inspired designs available to choose from from Izak Zenou. But if his artwork isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other collections to choose. Speaking of colors and designs, one of the things we love most about Uncommon’s iPhone cases is that their designs don’t rub off and that their printed colors tend to be very vibrant.

Uncommon’s Black Bezel Deflector iPhone 5 Case retails for $34.95. And sure, there are definitely more affordable iPhone 5 cases out there, but Uncommon’s case is one made of high quality and tough materials that will last longer.

The Good: Fun design choices with vibrant colors that don’t rub off, case offers plenty of protection while not weighing the phone down or adding much bulk and it is a made-to-last case.

The Bad: A bit pricey and case is very difficult to take off.


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