Cygnett Healer Self-Healing Screen Protector for iPhone 5 Review

Our general relationship with screen protectors is love/hate. We love to protect iPhone’s screen, but we hate to hinder the experience with iPhone’s amazing and silky glass retina display. Luckily, with the Cygnett Healer screen protector for iPhone 5, the user experience is virtually the same, and even improved a bit.

The day we applied the Cygnett Healer, we were able to feel a slight difference in smoothness…after that, we could swear we’re touching iPhone 5’s actual screen. Really, nothing is smoother than iPhone’s glass, but the Cygnett Healer does a great job of emulating the exact feeling. The Healer is silky smooth and it even shows less fingerprints than the glass screen.

A common gripe with screen protectors is the rainbow effect and/or dampening of the screen quality/vividness. The Healer, again, excels in this respect. The viewing experience is exactly as it would be without the screen protector, and even with less smudges, fingerprints, and dust.

It’s called the “Healer” because it’s actually capable of healing from small scratches. It’s made of a super-high clarity polyethlene substrate that has a dry application film that reseals scratches on its own. After a couple weeks of use, we don’t have the slightest scratch.

At the end of the day, the only thing we can really complain about with the Cygnett Healer is that you only get one chance to get it perfect. The package includes one screen protector, a micro-fiber cloth, and a applicator card. Follow the instructions and take your time. I got a couple air bubbles near the bottom and it’s not a good feeling. The Cygnett Healer is available from Cygnett.com $14.99.

The Good: Feels great, Looks great, Protects iPhone’s face, Self-healing from small scratches, Limits fingerprints/smudges/dust
The Bad: Only have one chance to get it right and prevent air bubbles

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