Cyrcle Object Blends your Digital Life with Your Real One

Sometimes, checking your social media accounts just isn’t enough. If you need a constant reminder of your favorite things on Facebook or Twitter, you can stick Cyrcle on your desk.

Cyrcle is strictly a desk toy – you can sync it with all of your social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. You can’t see the partitions on the surface of Cyrcle, but the outer edge of the circle is split into different sections, each of which can be linked to a hashtag, a Facebook page, or something like those. Whenever someone uses that hashtag, or posts a Facebook like or comment on that page, the device will make a sound and light up. It’s not clear exactly how, but you’ll also be able to program sounds specific to those interests. Examples given were the sound of a crowd cheering when someone’s favorite sports team was mentioned online, although it seems like that would happen an awful lot.

There’s also an augmented reality aspect – running an app and holding your mobile device over Cyrcle will show images related to those interests, and will allow you to access a little more real-time information about them. In this sense, Cyrcle could be interesting in the future, since the company behind it, Symplio, has an API out for developers, which could mean app and service-specific uses for Cyrcle.

Cyrcle also comes with dry-erase markers, so you can decorate it however you want. Symplio also mentions that you can decorate Cyrcle with stickers, but that’s not exactly what I would call an innovative development – more a property of every physical object, ever.

The most intriguing aspect of Cyrcle seems to be the augmented reality information that it can bring up on mobile devices, and where clever use of APIs could take that idea. As for Cyrcle itself, Symplio is looking for Kickstarter support to get the devices manufactured. You can pre-order/invest in one for $99 on the Kickstarter page, but, it’s looking like the odds are long on Cyrcle reaching its funding goal, unless something dramatic changes in the next couple weeks.

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