Dance Central 3 Review for Xbox Kinect

Are you ready to get your Gangnam Style on at home? Well no worries because the latest version of Dance Central has got you covered. The Kinect game will have you breaking a sweat in front of your TV to the latest hits.

The look and feel of the game is generally the same of its predecessor and what you have come to expect with this franchise. And really, we would expect nothing less of Harmonix who single-handedly started the rhythm game revolution. This latest installment introduces many current hits to dance too, as well as oldies from The Village People, Van McKoy and even New Kids on the Block!

And fortunately, with every new version of the game, the Kinect system only gets better and better. Movement detection between yourself and the your onscreen player are more in sync than ever. Not only will you burn calories, dance is the true theme of the game and you will experience dance crazes from the past four decades. So while you won’t be subjected to wearing bell bottoms in real life, you will have to prove that you can hustle. As usual, the graphics are clean and crisp and have a bit of a cartoony aspect, but you really aren’t playing this game because of how the characters look, but because you get to have fun shaking your butt in your living room.

Speaking of your living room, space is key and with the new ambitious dances moves in Dance Central 3. You will need even more space around you. So be sure you move that coffee table away and any lamps. The new Crew Throwdown feature will really up the ante of an official dance off in your home. You can have dance-offs via mini-games with up to four friends. Finally you will be able to either laugh in the face of your friends at what an amazing dancer you are or fall on your back in embarrassment.

Furthermore, if you plan on breaking it down with friends, then you better make sure you all are a good distance away from each other or you might horse trot your way into a broken ankle. The game requires you to dance with every part of your body. So arms, feet, and hands will be moving at any given time – if you do it right!

Dance central 3 is available now for $39 from Amazon. Rhythm not included.

The Good: Great selection of songs that really gets your cardio going. Perfect for family night or chilling with friends. Easy to play even if you can’t dance.

The Bad: Dance Central 4 needs to be a little more ambitious or this franchise may go the way of Rock Band…


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