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Doc’s DeLorean Spotted In Present Day Woodland Hills

I have no idea why Doc chose to travel to 2012 Los Angeles, though, because if there’s one place where you’re never, ever going to hit 88 miles per hour, it’s in L.A. traffic.

This is by no means the first replica of the Delorean from the Back to the Future series, but it is probably the best. At least, I sure hope it’s the best one out there, considering that the owner, Paul Nigh, funneled $150,000 into customizing it. Who knew flux capacitors were so expensive?

The otherwise spitting image of the classic does have one little difference – a decidedly 21st century QR code slapped on the side. QR code aside, this is the definitive Delorean – and that includes a definitive Doc Brown. Nigh decided to go all-in on this one, finishing up fis best Doc Brown costume before taking the Delorean out for a spin around Woodland Hills in North Los Angeles.

It’s a good thing L.A. traffic and the fact that North Los Angeles is mostly one big 25-35 mile per hour zone is going to keep this Doc under 88 miles per hour, though – it’ll keep him out of the future, where QR codes will almost certainly be objects of ridicule.


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