Fanny Wang Wang Buds Review

Immediately, we were drawn to Fanny Wang Wang Buds. They look awesome and they’re the first in-ear headphones in the Fanny Wang Lineup, a brand we’ve become quite fond of. In addition to a noticeably bold design, the Wang Buds feature a uniquee anti-tangle cable and an inline ControlTalk complete with volume buttons.

The Wang Buds have a very distinguished design. They’re pretty huge, but not especially heavy. They’re large enough to clearly display their signature imprint design pattern on the exterior of the buds. The ear cap situation is a bit weird, but there’s four sizes of caps included that should fit anyone. The silicon ear caps aren’t so typical. They’re angled and stick partly into your ear canal. To keep these large buds sticking in your ear, there’s a silicon hook that grips against your ear.

The earbud design is large but neat; the Wang Buds cable will be more appreciated. It’s a straight cable with a thick rubberized cord that’s virtually tangle-proof. The inline remote is as discreet as Apple’s, which is an impressive feat. It has a microphone, volume buttons, and universal button for controlling music, phone calls, and voice activation, like Siri. It works on basically all Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook), and works with varying compatibility on Android.

Fanny Wangs attributes the large size to their super-sized air chambers, a feature that moves more air than any other ear bud and adds a lot of natural bass. Each bud includes its own 10mm – 16ohm woofer and a 6mm – 16 ohm tweeter.

To be completely honest, it’s tough to really gauge the Wang Bud audio quality since the earcaps don’t offer a nice seal. It takes some time to figure out the best ear cap to use. They’re comfortable if you’re not on the move, otherwise they feel like they need to constantly be pushed back in. To get a real feel for the audio quality you need to be in a very quiet setting. Without the seal, there’s very little noise isolation. It wasn’t until I started listening to the Wang Buds in an empty room that I was able to appreciate their detailed sound quality. There’s not a lot of bass at all, but if you push the buds into your ear canal, creating an artificial seal, you can tell that there would be some really bassy lows. Without it, music sounds bright and high on treble.

It’s really disappointing, we can tell that the Wang Buds feature some very rich audio quality with detailed highs and lows, also that there’s potential for some really solid and balanced bass and low-end. Also, we know that Fanny Wang is completely capable of delivering premium audio quality, as they did with their On-Ears and Over-Ears.

While reviews seem to be fairly unanimous about the awkward ear cap fit, it’s possible your ears/canals are perfectly sized. If they did offer a better fit, and created a good in-ear seal, the Fanny Wang Wang Buds could easily be worth the $69.99 price tag. After all, the build quality is premium, the design is neat, and the anti-tangle cord with ControlTalk is top notch. The Fanny Wang Wang Buds are currently available in white, black, or red and can be purchased from Amazon.com.

The Good: Neat/Unique Design, Great Anti-Tangle Cable, Inline ControlTalk with Volume and Mic, Premium Build
The Bad: Silicon earcaps are thin and don’t provide a good fit/seal, Poor noise isolation, High on treble

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