Geonaute 360 is World’s First 360° Action Camera

As promised, this is one camera ready for action.

Make that cameras – the Geonaute actually boasts three wide-angle 8 MP lenses on a unit that can be mounted for hands-free use. It’s being marketed heavily towards sports enthusiasts, and extreme sports enthusiasts in particular. To that end, it’s very light, at around 200 grams. The three lenses are positioned to take a 360 degree horizontal sweep and a 150 degree vertical sweep. The Geonaute can take 360 degree video, and figures to take some gorgeous 270 degree panoramic shots. It’s also shockproof and housed in a waterproof shell, in case you were really intending on getting extreme with it.

It can be a totally hands-free experience, too – once you mount it, the camera(s) can record for up to two hours, and a remote included in the package can control any of the camera’s settings (OK, so the hands are involved a little).

No word on pricing and availability yet, but we’ll almost certainly know more after the Geonaute makes its debut at CES next month. When it does hit, it’ll also come with 3 GB of on-board storage and “basic editing features.”

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