Google Maps for iOS is Baaacckkk!

Apple fans, rejoice. The nightmare is over.

Want public transit directions? Street view as opposed to post-apocalyptic vision of the future? Directions that don’t endanger your life? Do you want something that, to borrow from Apple, “just works?” Go on over to the App Store – Google Maps is back and ready to be downloaded for free.

You can finally forget about Apple Maps, arguably the company’s biggest (or most publicly ridiculed) black eye ever and undoubtedly its biggest misstep in the iPhone era, and get the gold standard. In fact, Google Maps has even added functionality, adding turn-by-turn directions along with accurate maps and those sorely missed public transit directions.

It’ll be interesting to see if Apple Maps can ever recover after such a terrible start, especially in the face of the return of Google Maps. It’s going to be awfully hard to scrub the stain of failure off of an app that was released for the most cynical of reasons – something that in no way was done for the benefit of the consumer (unless you count the purely incidental effect of getting Google to build an even better Google Maps for iOS, which I’m going to guess was not Apple’s intention).

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