GPS Navigation Shoes and Other Exclusives, Now at Wired Store

They’re not sparkly and red, but they have the rest down pretty well.

Clicking your heels really will take you home with this pair of GPS navigation shoes. Before you take off, you can upload a destination to the shoes via USB. Once you’re out and about, you literally do click your heels to activate the GPS, which gives you navigation courtesy of lighted indicators on the toes of each shoe. The left shoe will give you a general sense of which way you should be going, while the right show tells you how near or far you are.

The No Place Like Home GPS Navigation Shoes are just one of many zany gadgets to be found at the Wired Store, quickly becoming a New York holiday tradition, now in its eighth year. The store, which will be open from now until December 23, features scores of iPads that shoppers can use to purchase whatever catches their eye.

A few gadgets think a little bigger, including the Rotobooth, a picture booth featuring a rotary phone dial. After you pay up, you can use the Rotobooth as you would any old public photo booth with yourself and your friends. Once you’re done, you use the rotary phone dial to dial your mobile number. The photos will be sent directly to your phone via text message.

If you’re in New York and want to check out what else the Wired Store has to offer this year, it’s open now on 583 Broadway.

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