Grand St. Debuts Freshman Product: Arduino Wise Clock

Here’s a new concept we can’t help but love: a tech marketplace of hand-picked and enthusiast-approved gadgets & accessories. Grand St. (pronounced Grand Street) is an innovative new website that features limited run products that are the quintessential paradigm of creativity, design, and utility. If we’ve learned anything from years of tech reviews it’s that new tech is easy to come by, but great tech is not.

At any given point in time, Grand St. features just a handful of three-day limited-run products, adding one new product each day. Unlike Groupon, it’s not a deal website, though prices are competitive. We like to think of Grand St. as a technology trendsetting (techsetting?) marketplace. Some products will be exclusively sold on Grand St., and many will even take their very first retail baby steps on Grand St.

Grand St. just launched last Friday after weeks of teasing us with an enticing landing page and a Tumblr blog full of tech eye-candy. One of their very first products was the one we couldn’t wait to pounce on, the Arduino Wise Clock. This nifty (and hackable!) LED clock glows with raw electronic beauty. It’s completely dissassembleable, excel programmable, and choc full of sensors. Apparently Pacman rolls through every hour too. Needless to say, we’re extremely excited for its arrival.

Arduino Wise Clock

Like us, Grand St is made up of tinkerers, testers, prodders, pokers, reviewers and embracers… they know what good tech is and strive to deliver a consistently grand product lineup. After all, their brand is their identity, and it’s only as good as the products and service they offer.

So here’s the catch: you’ll want to sign up ASAP, because registration is not instantaneous and you need to be a member to use the site. Luckily, membership is free, as is the shipping cost during this stage of infancy. Just like the time I had to wait until 5th grade to score the cool backseat on the bus, you’ll have to wait patiently (hopefully not more than a couple days) for your registration link. Was it worth the wait? DUH it was!

For registration, visit GrandSt.com, and for some teasers check out their Tumblr Blog.


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