Incipio Feather Ultra Thin Snap-On iPad Mini Case Review

If you’re looking for the ultimate thinnest and lightweight form-factor in a case for your iPad Mini, look no further. That is because Incipio’s Feather Ultra Thin Snap-On iPad Mini Case is pretty much as minimalist as you can get.

The Feather is made of a high density, ultra-light Plextonium frame with a soft touch finish. This material is just 1mm thin and weighs just 1.64 oz! This case hardly adds bulk to the Mini’s sleek form-factor.

When it comes to display protection, Incipio also includes a screen protector. This is needed to keep your display safe, at least from scratches. The case’s edges also extend just enough past the display, that it should protect the display when laying face-forward on a surface.

All in all this case will provide basic protection for your iPad from scruffs and such. But it’s not a replacement for a heavy duty case. Then again, you bought the iPad because its petite and beautiful, so why would you want to ruin it with a bulky case?

Incipio Feather Ultra Thin Snap-On iPad Mini Case is available in a wide selection of fun colors, including cyan blue, sun kissed orange, royal purple, charcoal gray, scarlet red, cherry blossom pink, and black. The case retails for $29.99.

The Good: Great color choices and mic soft touch finish.

The Bad: Font-facing protection is not robust and this is not the hardiest of cases.

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