iPhone 5 Has Officially Jumped the Shark with Gangnam Style Cases

If social awkwardness could be condensed from the air and solidified into a physical object, the end result would probably not be too far off from these Gangnam Style cases.

And that’s nothing against Gangnam style, either – it had its deserved day in the viral limelight. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Gangnam Style, it’s just that it’s run its course. The lifespan of a viral video lingers somewhere around fruit fly territory. Gangnam Style lived a good, full life. Most have moved on. It’ll probably get a good popularity surge sometime around New Years’ Eve, and that will probably be the last most people will ever hear of it.

But, everyone moves through the stages of grief at different paces, and some haven’t made it to acceptance yet. Those would be the people behind this surprisingly extensive line of Gangnam Style cases for the iPhone 5. There are some real wince-inducing offerings here, too, from a lackluster “Keep Calm” imitation to the strange attempt at irony made in the “No Gangnam Style” case.

But, if you really want an iPhone 5 case for an aged viral video that will at best be remembered (using the term loosely) as 2012’s Chocolate Rain, you can horse dance your way over to iwowcase and fork over $23.70 for one of the nine styles of hard-shell cases available.

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