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Answer Your iPhone 5 like Rebecca Minkoff Would

Accessory master Rebecca Minkoff finally has her entry into what seems to be one of the hottest trends today – a trip back to the days of the landline handset.

Old Bakelite handsets with coiled cords that plug into the headphone jacks of mobile devices are coming out of the woodwork these days, probably because the word “retro” is the bottomless onion rings platter of the SEO marketing world. Minkoff’s version has a light pink coiled cord with a speckled reddish-orange and white pattern on the phone, which is made of silicone metal. Inside, there’s a high-powered speaker featuring noise-reduction technology.

You can get the fashionista’s pop phone handset on Nordstrom’s website. The Rebecca Minkoff ‘Pop Phone’ Handset is selling for $48.

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