Juicy Canvas: Create Your Own Masterpiece Using Someone Else’s Art

Thanks to Juicy Canvas, you’ll soon be able to bring home a piece of contemporary art with a little personal spin.

Juicy Canvas is working with a host of prominent artists from around the globe to digitize their works. Juicy Canvas then opens up their art store to the public, who can make their own changes to the works – to an extent. Buyers can resize and crop the works, change between portrait and landscape, or change the colors, but the piece otherwise remains the same, preserving most of the original artistic vision.

The art will then be printed using high-end inks and printers, using stretched canvas with a process called Giclee, ensuring that the finished product really is something you’re going to want to display on your wall. All works come ready to hang, and are gallery-style, at 1.5” deep with wooden stretch bars. The works generally run for $80.

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