Smile! You Are On Candid LEGO Camera

Before we properly get into the Chobi Cam Block, let’s just take a second to reflect. 15 years ago, most of us were still loading film rolls into our cameras. We needed to head down to Walmart or CVS or wherever to get those negatives processed. Sometimes we might not even get the pictures back on the same day.

Today, we have a camera packed into something the size of a Lego brick that can give us our pictures instantly, on our computers. We ove forward at breakneck speed.

The tiny pinhole camera can take video, too, and storage is handled by a microSD card of up to 32 GB in size. The camera charges via USB.

The Chobi Cam Block is selling now from Japan Trend Shop for $90 – $75 for the camera and $15 for shipping, making it by the far the most expensive Lego-like block you’ll probably have ever laid hands on.

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