Magicase is Both a Case and App-Enabled Accessory in One

The Magicase is a new mobile gaming accessory coming from a young company called SonarGames. Most of the time, the Magicase will just be defending your phone (specifically, your iPhone 4/4S/5 or your Samsung Galaxy S II/III). But, if you’re in need of some gaming time, you can remove the case and find out what makes the Magicase truly magical.

The back of the case works as an augmented reality marker. There are a series of games that have been developed specifically for the Magicase by SonarGames, which use the company’s own image processing technology to create different effects. In the free game Evil Hornets, for example, aiming your phone at the back of the case will recharge energy and open up the portal from which the title characters will pour forth. In a basketball game, aiming the camera at the case will make a basketball hoop appear.

Yes, that does mean you’ll have to remove the case in order to use the augmented reality features of these apps. That said, there are some multiplayer games in the works, in which two people with Magicases will be able to play with or against each other by aiming their phones at each other’s cases.

The Magicase is currently available for pre-order on the SonarGames website for $25, plus $5 if you need international shipping. You can download an app for Android or iOS that demonstrates some of the system’s capabilities. Both download pages have links you can use to print the image that will be found on the case, which you can use as an augmented reality marker. SonarGames is currently planning free and paid games for the Magicase.

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