It’s Time to Check in On Mars, NASA Rolls Out Curiosity Foursquare Badges

Because the Curiosity rover checking in on Mars was apparently a thing that happened, those who satiate their own curiosity about the vast cosmos above can get themselves a special badge straight from NASA on Foursquare.

The Curiosity-themed badge can be earned by following NASA on Foursquare, then checking in to a NASA visitor center or a science museum or planetarium. You’ll get the badge, plus a super-secret (or not) reward message that you can totally spoil for yourself by checking out the press release below. Following NASA will also let you keep tabs on the rover itself, as it checks in to different landmarks and vital areas on Mars, establishing mayorships that will doubtless go unchallenged for a long, long time.

NASA and Foursquare have partnered up before. In 2010, Doug Wheelock checked in to the International Space Station, the first check-in to take place outside the atmosphere.

Who knows, maybe someday we’ll be able to keep zooming out on that Foursquare map until we can see the whole Solar System. It’s the final frontier for mayors everywhere.


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