iPhone App of the Week: See How Everyone Else Celebrates New Years Eve with EarthCam

Think of it as the New Years’ Eve version of the Norad Santa Tracker. Instead of tracking Santa, you are tracking how everyone reacts or celebrates New Years’ Eve when the clock strikes 12am. The EarthCam app will give you a glimpse of how everyone else celebrates New Years’ Eve this year. I’m guessing it’s the same mix of drinking and messy dancing, but you can find out for yourself from the comfort of your home or nearest bar.

EarthCam features over 40 live streams from major world cities, showing off what New Years’ Eve has in store for New York City, Tokyo, Rio, and loads more. You can start in the far east and move west to catch all the countdowns, as the new year washes over the world like a giant tidal wave of bad decisions.

EarthCam is available here as a download for $3.99.

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