Nooka x Hello Kitty ZenH Black Watch is Pricey Catnip for Your Wrist

Cyclops Hello Kitty? Cyclops Hello Kitty.

Not exactly, but that’s what the Nooka x Hello Kitty ZenH Black Wristwatch sort of looks like, anyway. The Nooka ZenH watch carves out its own niche with a bar chart style of telling time as it is, but slap Hello Kitty on it, and you’ve got something really special. The black stainless steel watch has a silk screen silhouette of Hello Kitty on its face, along with a mineral crystal lens. Rounding out the fabuolousness is the Italian leather band.

Of course, things with Italian leather are rarely described as affordable. The Nooka x Hello Kitty ZenH Black Wristwatch is no different. This Hello Kitty will set you back $275. You can get X-Men recruit Hello Kitty now off the Sanrio Store.

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