Obol and You’ll Never Eat Soggy Cereal Again

It’s pretty hard to innovate in the world of breakfast cereals, but the guy behind Obol has managed to do that not once, but twice in a single product.

If you’re a fan of crunchy cereal and don’t like the fact that that means you have a time limit to get all your cereal down, you’ll want to check out Obol. The bowl has a partition through the middle – a shallow area for the cereal, and a deeper reservoir for the milk. There’s even a little spoon-sized gap on the side of the partition, so you can scoop up some cereal and drag it into the milk in one motion.

But, you can achieve the same effect, more or less, by jamming your spoon into an open box of cereal, then plunging it into milk. Fortunately, Obol has a little more to offer. On the underside, there’s a finger grip, instead of the smooth, round surface of a normal bowl. Not that you couldn’t carry around a regular bowl when you walk around eating your breakfast cereal (or lunch, dinner, whatever) before, but the Obol’s grip looks a little more comfortable to hold, and easier to grasp, so you can make sure you don’t end up having spilled milk to cry over.

Obol seeks to elevate the breakfast of champions (and the dinner of students) to a higher level. That higher level can be attained for about $20 off the Brookstone.

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