Olive All-In-One Music Player Gives Sonos a Run For its Money

Olive is seeking to build the best all-in-one home music player that money can buy. Unfortunately, you’ll need a lot of money to buy it.

The Olive One is a thin, touchscreen device that is essentially a music aggregator – it can connect to all of your various music accounts, like Pandora, iTunes, and Spotify, and put all your music into one place. That also includes your personal media collection and anything you have stored in cloud services like Amazon Locker or Google Play. One will also be able to play YouTube videos.

That’s all fine and moderately convenient, but the Olive One’s real strength lies in its audiophile chops. This one was built for the most finicky of music listeners, and is capable of playing various kinds of lossless file types, and can hook up to the most expensive of hi-fi sound systems.

As for accessing that music, you can do it in one of two ways. You can connect a mobile device or computer to One via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and stream the music, or store your music right on the device’s built-in hard drive. One can also connect to a smart TV, and stream whatever is on the device to the television using Wi-Fi Miracast, which is kind of like Apple AirPlay – a high-quality Wi-Fi streaming standard.

Finally, you can hook up to Facebook or Twitter, if you want to publicize which tunes you’re listening to on One.

The idea is that if you have more gadgets and music accounts than you can count, the One can bring it all together in one place. Olive is currently looking for funding for the project on Indiegogo, offering $50 and $100 gift cards for $25 and $50 contributions, respectively. Granted, that gift card can only be used to purchase the Olive One when it becomes available next summer, which will come with a $400 price tag. Right now, you can lock up a unit for a $350 contribution, but emphasis on the right now – that offer, as well as the gift card offers mentioned above, expires midnight tonight, Pacific time.

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