Drunken Late Nights Singing Arrive Courtesy of Philips Bluetooth Karaoke System


Yes, that’s right you’ll be reenacting your version of  The Voice and American Idol in no time with this unique pairing of mic and iPad speaker created by Philips. Philips has launched a microphone and speaker set designed just for one karaoke app out on iOS, so hopefully you like karaoke and like that one app a bunch.

The AEA7100 includes a Bluetooth speaker that also acts as a dock – a 30-pin dock, to be exact, so you’ll need an adapter if you have any newer Apple devices. Once your device is docked, you can pair the wireless microphone up with your iOS device via Bluetooth and start singing away. You can probably use any karaoke app you want, but the speaker/microphone combo is intended for use with the StarMaker Karaoke + Auto-Tune App. If you use it with that app, you’ll unlock competitive features – the app will be able to use the sound from the microphone to determine a winner based on pitch and timing. Hard to say if that’s worth it – I guess it depends on whether or not competition is really that important to you when it comes to karaoke.

The app in question is available for free. You can pick up the AEA7100 Bluetooth speaker/microphone combo at Apple stores or online for about $180.

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