Would You Spend $799 To Watch Your Dog Eat?!

Because that is how much the Remoca Dog Food Bowl will cost you. You can keep an eye on your beloved pet during mealtime, making sure that Fido doesn’t start gulping food down or choking.

Using a PC, smartphone, or tablet, you can stream video from the camera mounted on this dog food bowl live, keeping an eye on your four-legged friend no matter where you are. The camera is pretty high-powered, too, with a CMOS sensor and LED infrared night vision. The bowl is no slouch, either – there’s a bottle holder that will automatically refill the water bowl, and there are lids on the food bowl and a smaller bowl for treats, both of which you can open and close remotely. You can also save video onto a microSD card.

Sounds like a pretty amazing deal but for $800?! That is pretty insane and that is coming from an animal lover. If you’re really enamored with this particular set-up, have at it, but man, there are no shortage of cameras that can stream video over Wi-Fi that are way cheaper than that. You can probably just stick it next to a couple of regular dog food and water bowls and call it a day. Then again, if your dog is spoiled, you have no choice but to get the finest. In that case, you can get the Remoca Dog Food Bowl from Japan Trend Shop for $838 – $799 for the bowl, and $39 for shipping.

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  1. That’s a $47.99 wired+wifi APM-J011 webcam exactly like the one I have, plus a cheap vacuum-molded plastic bowl. Amazon has them. Embedded microphone and speaker, but if you use them both at the same time you get feedback. However, the lens is fixed-focus, and while eating, the dog would be too near to the camera to be clearly visible. Clever how they’ve attached the remote-control relay connector to a spring-loaded “treat” dish.

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