Windows Phone App of the Week: Social Mints Is a Fresh Take on Online Alerts

Those with Windows phones have a new mobile alternative to Google Alerts, called Social Mints.

Social Mints allows you to create “Mints” – kind of like Google Alerts. These Mints, however, update in real time, and can give you social media mentions as well as articles and news posts. The app is also friendly with Live Tiles. Very friendly, in fact – individual Mints can be pinned to the home screen, offering you up-to-the-minute information about your word or phrase on their Live Tiles.

There are a few extra bonuses, too. In addition to being provided with the content, you’ll get stats about your search terms, including most popular related search terms and a pie chart tracking positive and negative sentiment about your term. You can also monitor the strength of a keyword and other people’s interest in it, if you’re planning on using Social Mints for business and advertising purposes.

Social Mints is available now on the Windows Phone Store for free.

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