Solavei Offers Unlimited iPhone Plan for $49, Running on T-Mobile

You might not have heard of Solavei yet, but you might want to keep the name in mind. If you’re looking for a way to get unlimited 4G coverage without paying out the nose, the fledgling company could be what you’re looking for.

Solavei offers unlimited 4G data, in addition to unlimited voice and text, for unlocked phones. Specifically, you can get in on the service if you have a GSM phone. Since the company first started offering service in September, this has meant unlocked AT&T phones. Now, Solavei has just expanded their spectrum to include the 1900 MHz band, which gets unlocked T-Mobile phones in on the act.

That said, you can only access the service in specific major markets in the United States, which you can view at the link below. If you sign up with Solavei, you can also get a little cash back for every other person you get to subscribe to the service. Solavei’s unlimited voice, text, and 4G data plan is $49 per month, and is sans contract.

Via TheNextWeb

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