Speaker Trio, Because Three Wireless Speakers are Better Than One

They say that 2 speakers are better than one, well how about three? That’s the idea behind Bem Wireless’ new Speaker Trio. This wireless speaker system consists of a trio of wireless speakers. These speakers all share a wireless connection to a base, and they are designed to operate up to 120 feet apart from one another. The idea is that you can place these speakers all in different rooms or in different areas of a room, and they’ll all work in tandem.

As a matter of fact, you can use the same iPhone, iPad or smartphone to control the speakers. In addition, the base works as a charger for the Trio. So not only is the system wireless, but the speakers also don’t require any plug-in charging, thanks to a conductive charging system. To top it all off, the speakers also have a built-in mic so that you can use them for conference calls when connected to your smartphones. Last but not least, if Bluetooth isn’t your thing, the speakers also have an AUX port to connect external media devices.

And when it comes to the actual design of the speakers, these little minimalist cubes, which each measure 6″ x 6″ x 6″, have been designed with touch-sensitive buttons, a neat bottom glow lighting, and a soft touch finish. They are also available in a choice of black or white.

The Speaker Trio retails for $299 and they will debut at CES 2013, where we expect to see a slew of Bluetooth speakers being announced this year.

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