STELLÉ Audio’s Speaker is a Pillar of Class

STELLÉ Audio is making a name for itself in the designer tech market, pumping out creative, fashion-friendly gadgets. Their newest product, Pillar, is one for the home – one that should fit in well with a modern, minimalist design scheme.

The Pillar is a metallic, monochrome cylinder of sound that can stream music from mobile devices wirelessly. The speaker has an impressive 30 hour battery life, and you can monitor Pillar’s battery life from your device. You’ll also be able to use Pillar as a Bluetooth speaker for calls. If you have the cash, you can set yourself up with multiple Pillars in the home, all of which will automatically connect to your device and start streaming music once you and your mobile device get into range.

Pillar is slated for a February 2013 release, and will sell for about $349.

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