NSFW: Turn Yourself into a Walking Poster for Safe-Sex with This Sweater

sweater NSFW: Turn Yourself into a Walking Poster for Safe Sex with This Sweater

Just looking at the picture above at work is probably alright, depending on where you work. Actually wearing it to work, on the other hand? Going to go ahead and slap the NSFW tag on that idea.

Pictured above is a sweater with a much less than subtle condom pattern – perfect if you’re looking to spread the word about how to not spread other, less desirable things. It’s not actually made of condoms, but it doesn’t really need to be. As a matter of fact, it’s perfectly timed – this thing has to go straight into the ugly Christmas sweater hall-of-fame, right?

You can enshroud yourself in protection if you head over to Mr. Gugu and Miss Go and plunk down €45, or about $60. While you’re there, you can browse the rest of the site’s absolutely fascinating collection of sweaters.