Time Splitters: Quantum Leap Meets Doctor Who in New Web Series

We’ve seen all kinds of conceptual technology, knicknacks, and accessories turn into reality through crowd-funded websites like Kickstarter. Really, it’s a thing of beauty. Here begins a new breed of crowd funded projects: video and media. Independent artists will be able to afford to film and produce their very own films, series, and shorts; and it all depends on demand.

Our dear friend, and college graduate extraordinaire, George M. Ivanoff is trying to prove to the world you don’t need an outrageous budget for sci-fi. Time Splitters, a time-travel web series about going back in time, is inspired by Doctor Who and JJ Abrams, and has an interesting twist. They’re going back in time, but to make sure it happens the way did the first time around.

Ivanoff is a young director with an impressive portfolio of filmography and editing. Time Splitters has been a passion project that he and his team have been developing for almost a year. There’s a minimalistic budget of $9,500 to cover production costs. There’s just a few days to go and the Time Splitters team is only half way there.

Kickstarter makes supporting the cause fun. With the right pledge, you can get some cool swag, have a special guest cameo, or even become an executive producer.

Time Splitters appeals to our nerdy sci-fi interests so we’re rooting for it to become a reality. We applaud their determination. At the same time we’re also excited to see other great media spawn off of these crowd funded websites.

To see more teasers and background, check out the Time Splitters Kickstarter.

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