Volleyball Will Look Even Sweatier in Top Gun IMAX 3D Limited Release

Put on some Kenny Loggins, because come next February, you’re going to take a trip back to the danger zone.

Maverick and Iceman are headed back to the big screen for six days starting February 8, bringing back beach volleyball and dogfights in new 3D IMAX glory. Top Gun has been remastered under the watchful eyes of original director Tony Scott, so we can rest assured the project was in good hands. Hopefully he didn’t make any changes to make his characters less rogueish and morally ambiguous, unlike SOME directors we know.

After the six-day run in theaters, the 3D version of Top Gun will be released as a Blu-ray, and will include the movie and a six-part documentary looking at the making of the movie, which will surely be more information about Top Gun than anyone has ever needed or wanted to know. There will also be a behind-the-scenes featurette and interviews with Tom Cruise and commentary from the producer, director, and screenwriters.

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