Unpakt – Comparison Pricing for Moving Companies

Unpakt is looking to become, essentially, the Priceline of the world of moving companies.

Unpakt is gradually rolling out internationally, and is in the process of adding moving comapnies as partners. Users enter some basic information about their move – how much they have in the way of furniture and boxes, when they’ll be needing moving services, where they’re located, and where their new home is. After that, they’ll see a list of prices from moving companies available locally. All of those companies will be vetted by Unpakt, which promises to weed out the bad seeds.

The intention of the site it to make it easy for people to get exact pricing information about moving services, rather than relying on estimates. Unpakt is a new service, but has plans for rapid expansion – the site plans to add 5,000 companies from 125 U.S. cities and 1,000 international markets within the next 18 months.

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