YouTube Capture iPhone App Finally Makes it Easy to Upload on the Go

There are a few apps here and there that let you upload video directly to the Internet. Some are better than others. But, apps are often best when they come straight from the source. So it appears to be with YouTube Capture.

Now available on iOS (amusingly, the Google-developed app is not yet available on Android, though it will be soon), YouTube Capture is the best kind of app – simple and to the point. Upon initializing the app, you’ll be set to start recording, and the recording will continue even if you run the app in the background. Once you’re done filming your soon-to-be YouTube masterpiece, you can slap a caption on it, specify sharing options, and upload it.

Capture will also have a few touch-up options, like color correction and stabilization, so you don’t end up being one of the people who puts up those YouTube videos that make it look like the subject is a world-shattering earthquake. You can cut a little off the beginning and end, too, and add free background music (surely generic) courtesy of YouTube.

But forget all that. The most important take-away here is that the app also serves as the public service announcement the Internet desperately needs. If you so much as dare to start filming in portrait mode, YouTube Capture will set you straight, telling you to rotate your phone so that you can take a proper video. Better that the app tells you while you’re filming – it beats half the people commenting on your video telling you after the fact, and in less polite ways.

YouTube Capture is available now for free on the iTunes App Store, and should be on Google Play before too long.

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