ZAGGfolio iPad Keyboard Case review

Touch technology might make tablets joyous things to play with and creates a great browsing experience, but we often find that for a real workflow we need a physical keyboard. There are many on the market, but the ZaggFolio carbon textured case with removable keyboard offers a great typing experience.


Setup for the keyboard is ridiculously easily, you simply snap your iPad in, turn on your iPads Bluetooth setting and sync it with the Zagg keyboard by typing in the provided connection code. It takes about 20 seconds to do, and once they’re synced it stays that way, even when you remove the keyboard to type.

The Case

The first thing that’s noticeable about the case is its bulk. This is not a lightweight flimsy product, but a durable study case that nestles the iPad within and protects it from bumps. The inside is lined in soft microfiber and the outer shell is rigid, with small spaces for accessing the iPad ports. Its shell like design gives the iPad protection from knocks and bumps and the carbon fiber like material makes it feel extremely durable. Over the course of two months it managed to keep in pretty good shape, with only one small scuff resulting from two months of case abuse.

The case also includes an integrated kickstand which is very useful, and is easy to snap into place. A small ridge in the keyboard allows the iPad to stand upright and the case fold back to allow a tilted viewing angle. The angle is not adjustable, but does provide a useful way to browse and allows you to create a mini laptop experience with your ZaggFolio.

The Keyboard

The keyboard is the deciding factor in the quality of iPad cases, and this one gets full marks. It’s detachable and stays in place by a snug mount system, which holds it very firmly, and this grip is strong enough that it actually involves effort to remove it.

The ZAGGFolio keyboard is very responsive and feels great to type on. Keys are spaced at good distances and it accurately mimics the feel of a full size keyboard, with keys creating a satisfying tapping sound and featuring small springs for a comfortable experience.

The keyboard also includes a few special buttons, specifically to make it iPad friendly. You can lock your iPad with one button and you can also use a keyboard tool to display the native iPad keyboard on screen if you want to return to the touch experience. Occasionally you’ll accidentally hit the disconnect keyboard button and then just use it as a touchscreen, but this is easy to rectify, and I love how easy it is to use this in different ways.


The ZAGGfolio iPad Keyboard Case offers very good build quality and a quality ergonomic and tactile keyboard experience. So as long as you dont mind its heftiness, as it does weigh a bit more than some other keyboard cases, it makes a fine choice for your iPad 2, 3 or 4. The The ZAGGfolio iPad Keyboard Case retails for $99.

The Good: Durable protective design, Responsive and tactile Keyboard, Great typing experience, Built In stand

The Bad: Would like a mouse option, Case is quite heavy and large, a bit pricey






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