Armadillo Speaker is a Nerd in the Wilderness’ best friend

The Armadillo rolled out of the shadow of its predecessor the Turtle shell to day to show us a handsome rugged shelled portable speaker system. It is shockproof, waterproof, and let’s you daisy chain to charge other devices via a USB port. While you are getting to know nature, you can have a musical accompaniment with Airplay and Bluetooth. It has a rich deep bass and hi-fi sound that can run off a rechargeable lithium ion battery for up to 10 hours. The built in microphone will come in handy for shouting at all those pesky bears. Maybe you should check on that idea before you do it though.  It might get you in a sticky situation, but CEO Caro Krissman says it has “bulletproof durability,” so at least your Armadillo will be fine.

The Turtle 4.0 also received some upgrades in the new model. It has apt-X, codex enhanced audio, and a IPX6 waterproofing and dust standard certification. It’s small size makes it a great addition to a mountain biking experience.  It’s mobile integration let’s you manage calls, and music. Also the Turtle claw is a camera threading speaker mount, making your camera a blob of awesome outdoorsy tech. The Turtle is available early 2013 for $149.95 and the Armadillo will make its entrance later in the year at Outdoor Tech.