POW!! 1960’s Batmobile Rakes in $4.6 Million at Auction

Someone’s finally going to get back behind the wheel of the original Batmobile, but it’s not going to be Adam West.

The first Batmobile ever created for the original television series just sold at an auction in Scottsdale, Arizona for (Holy auction gavels, Batman!) $4.6 million. The Batmobile had originally still been in the possession of the man who created it – George Barris, who was long responsible for custom car job in Hollywood. Barris customized a 1955 Ford Futura concept car, turning it into Batman’s ride. And, don’t forget – there wasn’t much in the way of special effects back then. This car is actually outfitted with a few Batman gadgets, including the Batphone and oil squirters. Despite the oil squirters, the Batmobile is actually street legal, so who knows – you might see Rick Champagne, the new owner, cruising around in it someday. We can only hope he’ll go in costume.

The $4.6 million sale price ties the highest ever for a famous movie car. The other car was equally iconic (and equally tricked out with gadgets galore) – Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger, which sold back in 2010.

Via The Hollywood Reporter