Case-Mate First to Debut BlackBerry Z10 Cases

Time will tell whether or not the Z10 will rescue BlackBerry from a grim fate, but there are at least a few signs of encouragement – early app support that isn’t totally tepid, and major case makers getting interested. When you’re fighting for your business life, you’ll take what you can get.

Case-Mate is one of the first big names in smartphone cases to throw support behind BlackBerry’s new flagship smartphone, the Z10. And, if the Z10 is catering to the business and executive crowd, so too are these cases. The wood effects you see above and to the right aren’t effects – Case-Mate has actually used rosewood and zebrawood in their Z10 cases, along with brushed aluminum on the sides, making for an unusually high class smartphone case. If wood isn’t your thing, there’s also a brushed aluminum case in a gunmetal color, and a black genuine leather flip case. You definitely can’t say that Case-Mate is giving a half-hearted effort with this line.

Of course, swanky materials translates into high prices. The black leather flip case and the Crafted Woods collection, including the Rosewood and Zebrawood cases, are all selling now for $80. The Gunmetal with Black Brushed Aluminum case is selling for $50. The whole Z10 line is available now on the Case-Mate website, so you can grab one now before you run out and get yourself a brand new BlackBerry (when was the last time we could say that?) when the Z10 drops next month.

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