CES 2013 Through the Eyes of Instagram

CES 2013 closes tomorrow, and the famed halls have been full of gadget hungry journalists in search of the next best thing. The booths might be open, but it’s not physically possible to get to every single stand and still say sane, so we’ve been turning to Instagram to get an idea of  what is going on- and what we’ve missed.

Though the show closes tomorrow, many keen Instagram followers might not find what’s on offer too much of a surprise, as Instragram addicts have been posting behind the scenes photos and updates, which include sneak peeks of new products, heavily filtered branded cupcake images and a cool preview of the celebs who will be showing their faces throughout the week.

To celebrate what’s on at CES 2013 at the beginning of CES 2013, here are a few of our favorite CES2013 Instagram snaps we’ve found using the #CES and #2013CES  and #CES2013 hashtags on Instagram.

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